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USB Analysis SDK
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USB Analysis Software Development Kit

Most of our clients use our USB analysis software to record traffic but some applications require specific analysis software. The USB analysis development kit enables to collect analyzed information from an USB Explorer 200 or 260 and makes it available for the analyzing computer. An analysis software can therefore be developed taking into account an application' specific requirements. Examples of usage include:

  • Real time display of data delivered by USB,
  • Process triggering during a specific event on the bus,
  • Error rates counting of a device under test,
  • Decoding of proprietary protocols,
  • Data integrity verification of a device under test,
  • Response time measurement of a device connected over a loaded bus.

The USB analysis development kit is not able to generate traffic.

Available as native libraries accessible in C++, the development kit is very easy to use. It enables rapid development of powerful software programs for automated testing of USB peripherals. Note the development kit can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 only.

Please refer to the USB Explorer 200 or USB Explorer 260 page for more information about the hardware or use the link at the top of the page to find more about the SDK.

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